We maintain a large inventory of batteries to fit most car models. The preferred industry manufactured brand is “Interstate Batteries”. Like the name applies, Interstate warranties travel with the battery. They are sold nationwide and any Interstate dealer across the country can handle battery replacement while under warranty. Each battery sold includes a maintenance free warranty and limited time replacement.

Schedule an appointment or walk-in and we can perform a free battery check.

Prior to replacing the battery we perform a check on your car’s electrical system.  Your car or truck charging and starting system are interrelated to the battery.  Sometimes what appears to be a dead battery may actually be caused by a faulty alternator or starter. Also checked are the battery cables, and terminals which can show symptoms of a bad battery when badly corroded. After we install your new battery we also check the charge and voltage as well as the rest of the electrical system to be sure when you leave Country Tire & Auto, you are 100% good to go.