Tire Pressure Monitors

Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) can be mounted on the wheel rims or on the tire valve stems. They can wear out or be damaged by potholes, debris, electronics failure, or the weather and need to be replaced.

When you purchase and install new tires, you can definitely reuse your factory installed tire pressure monitoring sensors. The sensors are fragile and can be easily damaged, so be sure to exercise caution when removing the sensors from your wheels.

Let our experienced technicians at Country Tire and Auto handle them correctly and then reset them after installing a new tire.  Any kind of damage to the sensor or the valve stem may require the entire unit to be replaced.

The lithium ion batteries inside the TPMS sensor lasts anywhere from five to 10 years. Since the batteries are entombed, a dead or dying one requires the replacement of its entire TPMS sensor assembly. On many cars and truck, the TPMS needs to be electronically reset after changing or replacing tires.

Schedule an appointment or just walk-in for new tires installed or for TPMS inspection.