Steering & Suspension

Along with your brakes, your car’s steering and suspension system are crucial to your safety and safety of your passengers and fellow drivers on the road. Normally you are not aware of your steering and suspension system until there are problems.  They are responsible for a smooth ride, driving performance, and wear on your tires.

We specialize on your car or truck’s steering and suspension system since they are directly related to your tires.

Steering System

Symptoms of Steering problems include the car pulling to one side, uneven tread wear on your tires, loose mechanical parts such as ball joint wear or loose parts.

Typical repairs we can perform are:

  • Ball joint replacement
  • Inner and outer tire rod replacement
  • Check and add power steering fluid
  • Rack & pinion steering system repair or replacement
  • 2 and 4 wheel computerized wheel alignment  (We use the Hunter heavy lift for our wheel alignments that can accommodate dually trucks up to 16,000 pounds. ) Refer to our Wheel Alignment page for more details of our precision wheel alignment system.

Suspension System

Symptoms of suspension problems may include bouncing or swaying of your car or truck when incurring bumps. Like improper wheel alignment above, faulty suspension components can cause uneven tire wear. Because of San Diego’s roads with many potholes, the cars suspension and steering can be affected.

Typical repairs we can perform are:

  • Replace Shock absorbers
  • Replace struts