Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments can be performed on all four vehicle wheels or just the front 2 wheels. Alignment adjustments make the tires parallel to each other and insures they ride flat on the ground. Proper wheel alignments will keep your vehicle running efficiently, by reducing tire wear, getting better gas mileage, and safer driving.

Hitting a pot hole or running into a curb can cause tires to go out of alignment. Symptoms of poor alignment are excessive or uneven tire tread wear, and or the vehicle pulling to the left or right while driving.

Wheel alignment services we perform are:

  • Computerized front wheel alignment
  • Computerized 4 wheel alignment
  • Front End inspection also performed during
  • Wheel alignment (proper wheel alignments can only be performed when front end parts are tight
  •   and working correctly)
  • Receive a before and after print out

Our Heavy Duty Hunter lift can handle small cars up to large trucks with dual wheels up to 16,000 pounds.

Schedule an appointment  Walk-ins are welcome but are subject to alignment schedule openings.