Belts & Hoses

Typically your car or truck’s belts and hoses are taking for granted. However, they allow your air conditions system to work, your battery charging system to work, and your engine cooling and cabin heating system to work. They are designed tough but because of the engine heat and high rotating speeds, the belts and hoses do wear out.

Squealing sounds under the hood when the accelerator is pressed down could be an indication of possible belt problems or may just be a simple adjustment of the belt tension. Seeing water puddles under your car with a greenish coolant look indicates a possible leaking radiator hose.  Belts show wear signs by displaying cracks in their smooth design.

Our trained technicians can help pinpoint where coolant leaks are coming from.

Contact us, schedule an appointment, or walk-in and we can check for leaks or worn hoses and belts

Services we provide by trained technicians are:

  • Coolant leak diagnosis and repair
  • Radiator hose replacement
  • Heater hose replacement
  • Belt replacement including timing and serpentine belts